Friday, November 12, 2010

A Story Of The King Of The Universe

A doctor at a mental institution was making his rounds one evening when
he heard shouting from one of the cells.

     "I am the King of the Universe! I am the Ruler of the World! From now
on everyone will do what I say because I am the Supreme Commander of
the Galaxies!"
    The doctor investigated, opening a door to find a man in his skivvies,
standing on a chair, beating his chest and yelling, "I am the King of the
    "Harry!" interrupted the doctor over the man's shouting. "Harry, get
down off that chair! And quiet down! You're disrupting people who are trying
to sleep!
    "I am the King of the Universe!"
   "Harry, you are not the King of the Universe!"
   "Yes I am!" he cried all the louder.
   "And just what makes you think you are King of the Universe?" asked
the doctor.
   "God told me I was King of the Universe!" shouted Harry.
Just then a voice erupted from another cell down the hallway:" I did not!"

Reflection of the Story..

You know the type. They may not exactly claim to be God, but they're convinced
that God has given them the final word on what's true and not true,
what's right and what's wrong. Are they candidates for mental institutions,
or simply deluded? Is ego or ambition a factor? Or is it an understandable
need for centainty and firm answers in a world filled with theories and opinions that are constantly changing?


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