Sunday, April 10, 2011

Christianity is About a Person Jesus Christ Story

Story title: Christianity is About a Person Jesus Christ 
By: Jack McArdle

      There is an old church in Sweden that is historically important for several reasons, but the thing that strikes the visitor most is the life-size crucifix on the back wall of the church. It hangs directly opposite the pulpit, where the preacher can see it, but where the people cannot. When the guide is asked why the crucifix is hidden like this, he usually tells the following story.
     One Sunday, King Charles XII made an unexpected visit to the church. When the preacher saw the king come in, he threw away his prepared sermon and spent the time talking about the king's virtues and how much he was doing for his people.
    A few days later, the crucifix arrived at the church as a gift from the king. Along with it came a letter in which the king ordered that the crucifix be placed on the wall opposite the pulpit, so that from that time on, anyone who mounted that pulpit to preach, would be reminded of the one he was supposed to be talking about.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Desiring Happines For Others Story

Story title: Desiring Happines For Others
By: Ernest J. Lewis

     David Garroway was one of the first TV talk-show personalities. After he had become quite wealthy, he was asked one day about his sense of Christmas. He said he had noticed that the older one gets, the harder it is to tell people what you want for Christmas.
     "I've noticed," he said, "that most people ask for something materials for Christmas. This used to amuse me, but it doesn't any more. I happen to be a person who can afford anything he wants. But I find that what I really want, I  can't by at all. I want peace/// peace of mind /// peace of soul. The kind of peace you have when you don't really want anything.

Monday, March 28, 2011

You Call This Justice? Story

Story title: You Call This Justice?

In the name of "Justice," some Americans have initiated strange and convoluted lawsuits. Consider the following:
   At a recent boxing match a fan drank too much, got into a fight, and ultimately fell down a flight of stairs. His family wanted "justice," so they hired a lawyer and sued. Included in their lawsuit was "Ticket Master," the company that sold the man the ticket to the boxing match.
    Then there was the man who bought a four seated plane. In order to rig the plane so he could fly it from the back seat, he removed the pilot's seat, along with all its safety equipment. The plane crashed and the man's family sued the company that designated and built it. The family won a million dollars, even though the man altered and deliberately misused the original equipment.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Room in the Lifeboats story

Story title: A Room In The Lifeboats

   Catering to the rich and famous, this luxury liner was advertised as unsinkable. On Titanic's fateful night, passengers who somehow still believed the advertisement refused to get in the lifeboats, even though they were told the ship was going down. They held to their belief in the advertisement that the ship was unsinkable and were actually offended by officers who told them to climb into a cramped lifeboat when they had paid enormous sums for luxurious accommodations.

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Tossing the Queen Story

Story title: Tossing the Queen
By: Cleopatra

During the heyday of the Napoleonic era, French troops fanned out around the globe to share the “best” of France with their colonies and to bring the best things from those colonies back to France.
Included in this “cultural exchange” was a storehouse filled with ancient Egyptian artifacts. As the empire waned, many of these treasures found their way into the basement of the Paris museum.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Hanging By A Thread Story

Story title: Hanging By A Thread 
By: Bert Balling

       One sunny day, a spider glided down noiselessly from a tree and began to run to and fro among the bushes, pulling along his string and building an intricate web, which very shortly ensnared many a tasty insect.
      As the sun was sinking in the evening sky, the spiderspeeded around and across his web and felt a thrill of pride over his work. It had been a wonderfully successful day.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Liturgical Reading Story

Song title: Liturgical Reading
By: London Universe

       The famous Irish television personality, Eamonn Andrews, tells this story on himself.
       His parish priest in Dublin asked him whether he would like to take one of the liturgical readings on Sundays, and Eamonn gladly agreed. So late one Saturday, the priest sent one of the altar boys to ask Eamonn if he would take the reading at next day's Mass.