Thursday, March 4, 2010

STORY : Keeping In Touch by Quote

Story title: Keeping In Touch
By: Quote

    Roger Schutz, director of Taize, the world famous ecumenical monastery in France, tells this story about one of his little nieces.
    She had grown up in the country of Zaire in Africa and had an African playmate who was her age. He was on orphan and was very lonely. He had built himself a little shack leaning against the high stone wall that separated the backyard of the girl's home from the open field where the little boy
played. There was no door or gate in the garden wall, so the little girl could not see the orphan boy on the other side. But she found a hole in the wall and used to put her hand through it and hold the little boy's hand.
      The two children never ever saw one another. They could not speak to one another because they did not know one another's language. And yet, they comforted each other by holding hands.
      There are times in life when words fall flat, but our sense of touch speaks volumes. Take the baby cuddled in the nest of its mother's arms. Take a nurse's snoothing hand on our fevered brow. Take an encouraging pat on the back. or a comforting hand on our shoulder.


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