Sunday, January 9, 2011

Meaning Of Christmas Story by Walter B. Knight

Story title: Meaning Of Christmas
By: Walter B. Knight

    The doctor walked out of the delivery room and approached and anxious father in a New York Hospital. He told him, " I'am sorry to inform you but your baby lived only two hours after its birth, though
we did everything we could to save life."
    As the sympathetic doctor was about to leave, the quick-thinking father said, " I read only recently that human eyes are needed in corneal operations. Could my baby's eyes be used to enable someone to see again?"
   The next day the Red Cross carried an eye to two different hospitals.
    In one, a corneal graft restored the sight of a working man with a large family. In the other sight was given to a mother.
    Some two thousand years ago a baby came into our sin-blinded world to give spiritual sight to all who will receive it without money and without price. "The people who walked in darkness, saw a great light. " ( Isaiah 9:1)


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