Wednesday, March 16, 2011

At Least We're Hones Around Here Story

     The latest modern addition to our school was the automatic Coca Cola dispenser standing right next to the door to the mess.
      One day, three lively boys came hurdling down the stairs so fast that one of them accidentally bumped against the dispenser and lo and behold, a free bottle of coke popped out."Hey That's what I call fast service, "said Joe.

     "Let's see if it works for me, too, "said Jack. So he slapped the dispenser across the middle and out came a second free bottle of coke.
     The free coke secret was kept in a tight circle of friends.
     Then one hot morning just before the fourth class, Joe rushed down for the last bottle of coke he was keeping on tap for such an emergency. But someone had beaten him to it. It was gone. "Darn it, "he exclaimed. "There must be a thief around here somewhere. Imagine it! Someone stealing in a nice school like this! How low have we sunk?"
     Joe, of course, did not include himself among the thieves.


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