Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Night Walker Story

Story title: The Night Walker Story
By: Christian Science Monitor

      I take a walk every evening for physical, mental and emotional benefits. But the main reason is to keep my motive before my eyes. Here is how it works.
     As I turn the last corner, I see my house standing there in the dark. I stand there for a moment and
look at it. I think of my three little sons asleep upstairs, and of my wife, who is either reading or strumming here guitar and singing quitely to herself. I take a deep breath of clean night air and I think, "In the house is all that is most precious to me."
   That is my main reason for taking that evening walk: one mile out and one mile back-- and then that pause to remind myself of the sacred things in my life.
    It is not a bad reason for taking a walk.


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