Monday, March 7, 2011

Raising Money for the Church story

Story title: Raising Money For The Church
By: Tony Castle

      They tell the story of an Anglican pastor in England who wanted to build a new tower for the village church. He hit upon the Gospel idea of distributing money to his 100 villagers and telling them to invest and bring back the profits within six months. He did even better than the man in the Bible: he repead 13 times as much as he sowed.

      Villagers found many ways to reap where the pastor had sown. Some took the one pound which they had received, and invested it in anything from rabbit raising to shoe shinning, to lemonade selling. One lady bought clay. made ceramic pots and sold them for 96 pounds. One lady bought cake mix, baked a couple cakes and had a little tea party which earned 43 pounds.
     Unlike the master in the Gospel parable, the pastor did not have to scold any of his flock for burying their money. One lady even put her money into a slot machine, and it doubled. Since it was for a good cause, the pastor closed an eye.


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