Monday, March 14, 2011

How Are You Getting You Bearing? Story

Story title: How Are You Getting ? 
By: Robert Schuller

      Two little boys went fishing and caught nothing. Discouraged, they decided to try again the next day. Again they caught nothing. Finally, on the third day they caught a fish. Soon they were both pulling them in one after another. "Hey, it's time to go home, "one little fellow said. "We'll come back tomorrow now that we know where the fish are," And he began to mark a big "X" on the bottom of the boat.
     "What's that for ?" the second boy asked.
     "I'm making a mark so we'll know where to come back to."
      The second lad said, "That's stupid. We may not even get the same boat tomorrow."
     As a fisherman, I learned years go that you take your sightings by a mark on the shore and line it up with something on the opposite shore line.
Then you can find your place again.
    God is the point where you get your bearing for everyday life.


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