Friday, January 15, 2010

Are You A Worrier? Nice Story

This woman was so worried and anxious about her health condition. Because her grandmother died of a stroke and her father also suffered from a stroke before passing away, she presumed that one day she would experience the same fate as her grandma and dad. She was informed by her mother that once she feels any numbness in her lower legs or extremities she has to fight it and wake herself up
by pinching. One night, they were having dinner with friends over a round table and the unthinkable happened. She then suddenly felt numbness on her legs. She then started to break out in cold sweats and told herself, " This is it! This is the day that my mom has been telling me about." She then was reminded to pinch her legs to check if she can still feel them. She felt nothing. Again she pinched harder. All of a sudden the person beside her then said, "Ouch! Excuse me! You're pinching my leg!"

How many times do we worry about something in our lives, and the things that we fear and worry about never really come pass?

Thanks Chinkee Tan for you Nice story..


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