Friday, January 22, 2010

Story Of Pain Does Good by Bert Balling

  A lady tourist was visiting mountainous Switzerland. One day side walked up to a sheep pasture on a hillside. There sat a shepherd with his flock of sheep lying at rest around him. Nearby on a little pile of grass lay asked which seemed to be in pain. It was; it had a broken leg. The lady asked the shepherd, "How did it happen?"

To her amazement, then he answered, "Missus, I broke that sheep's leg myself." He went on to explain:"Of all the sheep in this flock, that one was the most disobedient; it would never obey my voice. It always wandered off and led the rest of the flock astray. I had had this problem before, so I knew how to cure it. I broke its leg to save it and my other sheep.
  "On the first day I went to it with food and it tried to bite me. I left it alone for a few days and it go hungry. Then I went back to it. Now it not only takes the food but licks my hand as well.
  "Let me tell you something: when this sheep is well again as it soon will be it will be the model sheep of the flock. No sheep will hear my voice more quickly. None will follow so closely at my side."

-- Bert Balling


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