Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Story About A Rich Farmer - How Much is Enough?

There is a story about a rich farmer who was about to die but unfortunately had no heir. He chose one of his trusted caretakers and asked the caretaker to meet him the next morning exactly at 6:00 a.m. He's going to grant the caretaker a piece of land. The caretaker got so excited that he hardly slept the whole night. When sunrise came, the rich farmer told his loyal caretaker, " Can you see my land? It is
as far as you eyes can see. Bring the pole with the flag on top and use it as a marker as you walk around today. You can have all the land you want, but you have to be back at this starting point by sundown."The rich farmer gave the go signal to start walking. Did the caretaker walk? No, he ran! He ran as fast as he could that by midday he was still running forward and kept going, covering more and more ground. Well in the afternoon, he realized that he needed to come back before sunset to sign the document to prove that the land is his, He turned around and quickened his pace, and as the sun began to sink low in the sky, he began to run, knowing that if he doesn't make it back by sundown the opportunity to become a landowner would be lost forever. As the sun sank below the horizon, he came within sight of the finish line. Gasping for breath and with his heart pounding, he called upon every bit of strength left in his body, and just when he was about to cross the finish line, he immediately collapsed. He was very tired trying to catch his breath. Unfortunately, the caretaker died because of fatique and extreme exhaustion. Did the caretaker inherit any piece of land? The answer is a resounding "Yes". It was not much over 6 feet long and 3 feet wide just enough to bury him.

source From Chinkee Tan's Books "Till Debt Do Us Part"


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