Monday, January 18, 2010

Story : Praise Is Good

By: Jack Denton Scott in Readers' Digest

The great English writer and painter, John Ruskin, has observed that some of the greatest successes of the human race have been caused by love of praise. This is especially true in childhood. But all too often parents turn children away by pointing out only their faults and mistakes. A wise parent make it a point to praise a child when he or she deserves it. It can work wonders.

A woman I know, completely transformed her son's dislike of drying dishes, by a word of praise to him. One night the two of them were doing the dishes together, much to his dislike. when suddenly he dropped a large meat platter. There was silence after the crash. Then his mother looked at him and said,"You know, Robert, of all the times you have dried dishes for me, this is the first time you have ever dropped one. I think you have set some kind of record."
Fear left the boy's face and he broke out into a smile. Forever after that, drying dishes was fun.
As one psychologist advisers: " Praise virtue and you will find few vices to condemn."


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