Saturday, February 27, 2010

STORY: How God Hears All Prayers by Arthur Tonne

Story title: How God Hears All Prayers 
by Arthur Tonne

     "In the synagogue I heard different men praying men praying," said a puzzled little boy. " I must be awfully hard for God."
    "Why? What do you mean?" asked the rabbi gently.
    "Well, the woodcutter was praying for cold weather. The fruit seller was praying for mild weather.
The farmer was praying for rain and the brick maker for dry weather. Now those are all godly men. How does God know how to answer all their prayers?"
     "How is the weather now?" asked the rabbi.
     "Dry and mild."
     "And last week?"
      "Let me see on Monday and Tuesday it rained, and on Thursday it was cold."
      "See how the Lord answered all their prayers?" the rabbi said/


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