Sunday, February 28, 2010

STORY: White Less Defined by Reader's Digest

Story title: White Less Defined
By: Reader's Digest

   Lillian Carter, the lively mother of President Jimmy Carter, had set up an interview with an aggressive woman reporter who made it clear with her very first question that she intended to take measure of this sharp tongued little woman and her upstart son.
    "Your son," the reporter began, "has been traveling the United States, telling people not to vote for
him if ever lies to them. Can you, knowing a son only a mother can, honestly say he's never told a lie?"
    "Well, perhaps a little white lie now and then, " Miss Lillian countered.
     "And what, "snapped back the reporter, "is the difference between a white lie and any other kind? Define white lie for me."
      "I'm not sure I can define it, "Miss Lillian said sweetly, "but I can give you an example. Do you remember that when you came in the door a few minutes ago, I told you how good you looked and how glad I was to see you?"


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