Friday, February 19, 2010

STORY: Marriage Problems Solved by B.A.Botkin

Story title: Marriage Problems Solved
by: B.A.Botkin

I have a neighbor in Kentucky who is 99 and still going strong. Some year ago, when he was a young man of 92, he was vigorous physically and mentally, did a full day's work, and walked as straight as a Red Indian. So I asked him, "What makes you so healthy and strong?"
    "Well, " my old friend answered, "before my wife and I were married, we entered into an agreement. Anytime I got angry with her or scolded her, she would take up here knitting, go out to the
kitchen and knit until it was all over. On the other hand, anytime she would fly off at me, I would put on my had and go outdoors, and stay there until all was quiet again."
    "But what's that got to do with you health and many birthday's?" I asked him.
     "Well, " said the ancient one, "I've spent much of my life in the open air and it did me good."


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